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Life in the campus

Life in the campus at Christ for Romania is a unique experience from the relationships point of view.

Living together with other students, each coming from different backgrounds could be an exciting and satisfying experience, as well as devastating and transforming. Both cases though prove to be beneficial.

Shaping the character starts in the place of relationship and community, where all the masks fall and the habits, attitudes, mentalities are revealed under the continuous audience of the other class mates. For all those willing to be fully transformed a welcome, unavoidable and purifying molding takes place.

It is the initiative of God to correct and transform us through relationships and this awareness helps us avoid any type of offence. It is also the perfect place to create meaningful and long-lasting friendships which glorify the Kingdom of God and act as an extension of it.

Connecting in prayer or fellowship, time off spent together, discovering joint passions, collective activities and communication are the ones giving the pulse and coloring the cohabitation inside the campus.